Parents and Students

This course provides a competency-based course of study focused on goals and objectives which allow students to learn essential business, marketing, and web site development skills.

Areas of study include:

– The electronic commerce environment;

– Social, legal, and ethical issues of e-commerce

– Website design considerations; and web site development.

– The students will apply the skills they have learned in the production of an e-commerce web site as a capstone project for the course.

Click here for the 2017 E-Commerce I Course Syllabus

Click here for the 2017 E-Commerce I Classroom Operating Procedures

  • Teacher is in class (facilitator), but all content is online

  • To access the E-Commerce I Course use the following link: www.schoology.com

  • Students have their unique log ins to access the course.

  • Students will work at their own pace to complete the weekly assignments throughout the course.

  • 16 Weeks of Course work per semester.